Busy months

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It is a busy week which full of activities. Or it can be said as it's a busy month? It has been awhile I didn't blog anything. 

The final exam has left one more month from now and we are all rushing our assignment and monthly test to get ready for our final exam. 

4/9- 'sharity' carnival 
5/9- submission of math assignment 
9/9- submission of Econ assignment 
12/9- submission of English assignment 
17/9 - Submission of Monash application 
18&19/9- English mock contemporary writting 
22/9 - extra class
24/9- Math Test3
25/9- Account Test3
26/9 - contemporary writting 
29/9- extra class 
30/9 - Econ Test 3 

I'm a person who like to procrastinate until the last minute. Slept less than 3 hours when the submission of assignment is just the next day. And this is my consequences of not doing the assignment earlier :P Haiz ~ 

3/10- mufy talent quest 
7/10- presentation 
14/10 -Math Test 4
15/10- Econ Trial 
16/10- English Trial 
17/10- Account Test 4 
18/10-26/10 - study week 
27/10 - English final 
28/10- Math final 
29/10- Econ final 
3/11 - Account final 

I'm very excited for the holiday to come! But I don't want final exam 😫 Acnes are all coming out to say hello to me. Arghhh~ stress 😒 

I know this post is going to be very boring and I'm bored because of all these  test :( sorry for making this blog so boring 

P.s I promise you guys to blog something fun next time when I'm free 😊 
Okay, thanks for reading this and bye, have a nice day, time to continue my study 😴📚📖

Selfie before test ✌️ 
The whole college blacked out just now and we had our contemporary writting in the dark; Math Test3 outsite the classroom. Quite a unique experience though :)

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