Boring Sunday

by - 10:37 PM

Spent my Sunday morning doing this mathematics assignment 😳 📝 What a typical student's life is this 😗 I always think that collge life will be more free than secondary school life but then I was wrong! If you also think that college life is a play time for you to play, then you're totally wrong! Don't get bluffed by the photos that college students used to post in Facebook or Instagram! (Example : enjoying my high tea with college mate, movie time or playing phone while lecturers are lecturing ). You can still enjoy your life while you're in collge but remember this quote --> " play hard , work harder "! 

Of course you can play while you're in college, but you will have to pay back! Like study in the middle night where all other people are sleeping. When you're having some fun in the day, you might not know that someone is struggling with his/her work. So, in conclusion, there no free stuff in this world. Even your parents. Do not think that it's your parents responsibility to raise you. Because you have to pay it back by taking care of them when they are old. 😊 

P.s please respect your parents, filial piety ☺️

After doing mathematics assignment, I still have plenty of time. By the time I have done my mathematics assignment, it's only 2pm. So I decided to do my English report. I have been procrastinated my English report for a month 😙 Hmm wondering why I have the urge to do the assignment today because the due date is on September ( forgot what date) where I still got plenty of time to do. 

I thought that I can finish it by today but unfortunately, it's just " I thought " 😒 Spent too much time on my computer and this hurted my eyes a lot 😞 It made me to have a headache and also made my eyes dry. So I gave up continue doing it and rested my eyes for "awhile "( I felt aslept 😅) 

At the time I woke up, it's already 6pm and I have no more urge to continue it so I went to bathe and get all ready for dinner 😊 

Hmm I think I have to change my title from boring Sunday to Assignment Sunday 😂 

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