A starting point

by - 3:28 AM

Hi my name is Cheryl and I am 18 years old (2014) and I'm here to start blogging all about my life 😊 
I think my starter is quite childish like a child's way of writing an essay about herself πŸ˜‚ 
But never mind ! At least it's a good start 😏 
As you guys can see, I love emoji πŸ‘ because it helps people to express their feeling and makes the whole paragraph more interesting. 
Actually I have been writing my own life since last year in December(if I'm not mistaken )when dayre is newly out. 
I'm here writing blog instead of dairy because I found that dayre has some bug and I don't know why I can't access it πŸ˜’  so I gave up trying and trying again to just post my thought and life. 

If you guys do not know what is dayre, then here's the explanation.  Dayre is an app which is like blog. It's to let people to write about their own life, journey and other stuff. I like using dayre because it has variety of sticker😍 hope that blog will hear my voice and upgrade the blog to have some sticker 😁 but it's okay not to have sticker in blog because hey! Dude ! It's blog not dayre ! It has it's own style okay 😜 

P.s My English sucks! Pls forgive me if I have some grammatical error. I'm trying my best to improve my English. And starting to write dayre/blog is to improve my grammar and writing skills. I'm not a person who likes to write essay but my own life -- absolutely YES ! 😁

Pika pika 😜 (ACT-ing cute πŸ˜†) 
I just found that those emoji that I have posted can't be seen  πŸ˜± I'm using my phone to update the blog. That's why I can use those cute cute emoji ☺️ how sad is it that those emoji can't be seen 😞 . It has downgrade the interest of my blog d (😠 feeling angry but not so angry πŸ˜›) or maybe it's just me myself can't see ? 😳 wondering ...
Went and try to log in my dayre again and it works ! 😳 what the hell ! Before I creted blog, I tried to refresh it for like more than 5times? Until I fed up. 
Now, when I feel like change to use blog instead of dayre, it works again πŸ˜‘ should I be happy that I can use dayre again or what? Feel so confuse now. Don't know to use back dayre or continue my blog 😧 

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